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What you can achieve

with a little help:


Bring out the best in you and your voice.

Improve the quality of your presentation and communication skills.

Discover the power within your vocal potential, projection, emotion and gesture.

Discover the hidden power of breath and posture.

Feel more confident with your voice using relaxation and confidence building techniques.

Communicate and present yourself positively and effectively.




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Business Skills And Voice Coaching:
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Business voice training

Self confidence and confidence building

Interpersonal skills

Impact presentation

Interview skills

Voiceover training

Voice production

Voice projection

Public speaking


Telephone techniques

Breathing and posture techniques

Meditation and relaxation techniques for the voice

Effective presentation skills

Effective communication skills

Motivation and self-confidence


What we do:

We are here to assist you in unlocking your true potential and help you to succeed in business and the work place.

Our workshops and training involve coaching voice, communication and presentation skills. Why not learn to project and control your voice as well as discover the power it contains, overcome nerves and tension when presenting or using your voice, why not portray yourself successfully and unlock your true potential, or learn to project yourself confidently. You can also learn to develop motivation and confidence techniques. Learn to use invaluable tools such as meditation and relaxation techniques as this will not only enhance your workplace skills but can be carried throughout your day to day life giving you focus and reason to achieve.

We offer group workshops, seminars and one to one training for businesses and the corporate market sectors.

The following is an overview of the areas we cover:

Business voice training.

Public speaking.


Presentation skills.

Job interview skills.

Telephone skills.

Impact presentation.

Interpersonal skills.

Relaxation techniques.

Positive thinking techniques.

Voice diet and maintenance.

Discover the power within your voice, emotion and gesture.

Discover the hidden power of breath and posture.

Creative visualisation techniques.

Meditation techniques for the voice or workplace.

Motivational and self-confidence building skills.

Learn much more to assist you in the work place and in your day to day affairs.

 We appreciate all companies are unique in their target areas and objectives. We tailor make our packages to suit your individual requirements and needs.

Contact us to learn more about how Vocalcoachstudio & Proworks-Audio can assist you.

Effectively Enhance The Development Of Your Work Place & Presentation Skills - Improving Business Performance & Business Leadership.  Learn to Unleash the full power and potential of your voice, presentation and communication skills!
Itís your voice, so make it your choice!

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